Micro Brewery

Nottingham has always been a city regarded for its beer brewing, in part due to the clarity of the water, but mainly because the legendary caves of Nottingham possessed the ideal conditions for making beer. Here at the The Angel - We're bringing back the DIY nature of Nottingham, and will be running our own in pub micro-brewery at The Angel, delivering a range of fresh beers straight to your pint glasses!
Come watch the process happen while you drink!


Here at the Angel we have endeavoured to create an open and welcoming atmosphere in our kitchen, to help our guests feel they are part of the cooking experience. Our food will be prepared in house as fresh as possible, sourced from suppliers with whom we have close relationships, allowing us to create dishes with the finest ingredients.
We firmly believe in Organic and sustainable farming, to ensure our dishes do not have a negative effect on the planet.

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The Old Angel has stood in The Lace Market since at least the 1600's with the earliest concrete information within a survey of the approximately 120 pubs which were recorded in 1744. The Grade II Listed building has a long and colourful history - it was the site of two murders in the 1700-1800’s (a policeman and a prostitute!) and was formerly both a brothel and a chapel. The building is said to be haunted by the ghost of the young prostitute - her soul trapped forever in the ancient walls.

The Refurbishment

A collection of photos that show the referbishment from 'The Old Angel Inn' to the new 'The Angel Micro Brewery' 2016.

The Old Angel exterior before taking over.

The Angel Micro Brewery almost finished!